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The IDACC study was funded by the South Australian Dept of Health (formerly Dept of Human Services).

We are most grateful to everyone who gave up their time to participate in this project by answering questionnaires, and also those who took part in interviews or focus groups.

This collaborative project was undertaken between the Department of Health (formerly Dept of Human Services), Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH), Flinders Medical Centre (FMC) , The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (TQEH) and the Lyell McEwin Health Service (LMHS).

We are grateful to the IDACC Advisory Group for advice and assistance in developing the study methods and protocols.

We would like to thank the staff of the Health Outcomes Unit (DHS), David Banham, Lorraine Rayson, Ann-Louise Hordacre, Naomi Guiver and Julie Marker for data management, analysis and compilation of this report. Graeme Tucker from the Health Statistics Unit (DHS) and Sharon Fielder from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), undertook pivotal statistical analysis for this study. Kevin Priest from the Health Statistics Unit (DHS) assisted data linkage with the state hospital information system.

We would also like to acknowledge the Project Assistants (Bronwyn van Heusden, Heather Banham, Marilyn Kingston, Fiona Wollaston, Alicia Gordon and Ruth Kerr) who did a superb job of recruiting patients at the hospitals.

We are most appreciative of the commitment and professionalism of the Heads of Psychiatric Consultant Liaison Services, psychiatric registrars, medical staff, and mental health and cardiac nursing staff, for their role in implementing the trial. In particular we gratefully acknowledge the support from the Heads of Psychiatry (Professors Robert Barrett, Ross Kalucy and Sandy McFarlane), Heads of Cardiology (Dr Leo Maher, Associate Professor Philip Aylward and Professor John Horowitz), and John Knight and Rob Baker of the FMC Cardiothoracic Unit.

Finally, General Practitioners across South Australia played a key role in this study, and their cooperation and contributions to the study are greatly appreciated.

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